Specialized Optics Instruments

Specialized Optics Instruments

Universal Quantum Devices, a start-up company based in Waterloo Ontario, offers highly specialized quantum measurement devices for use in sophisticated optics labs around the world.

Within its first year, UQD provided devices to laboratories in Asia, Australia and North America. The instruments are intended for use in the measurement of entangled photon sources, the implementation of quantum cryptography systems in both free-space and fibre-optics, and for photon correlation experiments with quantum dots.

Quantum optics experiments use dedicated instruments for the analysis of correlated events in time — such as multiple-photon detection events. The systems used in recent multiple-photon experiments would be difficult to implement without using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). UQD designs and develops instruments in cooperation with a specialist in FPGA solutions.

The company’s initial flagship instrument is the IQCLogic Unit. It was designed and built in cooperation with DotFast Consulting, and combines a timing analyzer, a coincidence logic unit and counters for 16 input channels on one device — a useful instrument for an array of research in quantum optics.

The devices offered by UQD can be utilized for experiments in:

  • high count rate entanglement sources
  • multi-photon experiments such as optical quantum computing
  • quantum cryptography with single and entangled photons
  • feed-forward experiments including gated detectors and triggered optical modulators
  • time correlated fluorescence

Thomas Jennewein, co-founder and CEO of UQD, is a highly-qualified electronics and software specialist and has significant experience with the design and development of such instruments

Universal Quantum Devices is a spin-off company from the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo.