UQD offers electronic instruments for precise time correlation and counting of detections events in quantum optics research. This devices is the ideal solution for researchers studying photon detections from entangled photon sources, implementations of quantum communication or cryptography. But most importantly, this devices is specifically designed for the research on multi-photon experiments (> two photon events), which may be spread accross several detectors.

Enabling a new level of experimentation

Quantum optics experiments use dedicated instruments for the analysis of correlated events in time — multiple photon detection events. As the number of photon signals increase, so do the observed count rates. It’s challenging to implement a time-correlation logic that can achieve the required performance. In particular, the detection systems used in recent photon experiments on six or eight photons would have been very difficult to implement without recently developed systems based on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA).

The UQD-Logic provides a very versatile and capable instrumentation tool to research experiments dealing with counting multiple photon events (2 – 16) and several detectors (up to 16 channels per unit).

Universal Quantum Devices designs and develops their instruments in cooperation with a specialist for FPGA solutions.

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